Benefits of Cloud Communication

Assured Quality

Redundant network connections at the backbone with 10 Gigabit bandwidth enables rapid and stable data & SIP transmission.

Ideal Protection

See how secure and reliable cloud communications from EZ Connect are helping savvy companies around the world compete and flourish.

Save a Box Load of $$$

We usually save businesses about 50% off their phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.

SIP Phone Service Providers

Why are SIP phones better than traditional phones?

SIP phones are internet protocol phones by which basic phone capabilities are merged with web, emails, online chat through internet protocol (IP) network. Simply put, a phone which carries voice calls over an IP-based network using a SIP open standard in addition to other open standard RTP is known as SIP phone.

Since traditional phones entail huge setup and maintenance costs, they cost businesses hefty investments for ongoing communication. But what if your business can save up to 50% on the phone bills? How beneficial will it be if 90% of the PBX traditional phone system’ costs will cut down? You can reinforce your business growth with these savings that you might have been holding back due to a shortage of funds. That is what we aim to offer you at EZ Connect.

With our affordable SIP service plans, we help you to switch to a better, robust communication system so that you can connect with your clients and partners from anywhere, anytime. We render you requisite features in our SIP phone services such as convenience, uptime, efficiency, network capacity, disaster recovery and reliability.

Why choose us as your SIP Phone Service Provider?

We believe that a phone system in your business should be flexible, customizable, and cost-effective. By shifting voice calls over the IP network that is already being shared by data you use, we narrow down your costs. We are SIP trunking providers who comply with industry’s set of security and privacy regulations such as FISMA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Our customized SIP service plans have been designed to meet specific needs of your business of any size. Although our service plans come with a SIP phone to equip you with a pre-ready communication system, we are also open to integrating SIP trunking with a traditional legacy system. Our high-quality VoIP adapters connecting to both your traditional phone system and Ethernet help to revamp your existing phone system which functions as a standard SIP phone.

Create an optimum SIP solution for your unique business today with us!

Reduced Costs

Our cloud communication based services will bring down the expenditures you are making on your business communications. With our hosting VOIP and SIP services, you can expect to get your calling prices reduced to a much lower amount than they are now. 

Better Quality

By choosing us as your reliable partner for cloud communications in Florida, one of the first benefits you will get is that all your business communications will be unified. Whether it is one on one communication or voice and video conferences, we will cater all your needs.


Flexible Solutions

Our cloud communication services are flexible enough to fit every business needs. Whether you need to add new users or want to integrate our services with any tools which you are currently using for communication, we can help you do all that and lots more. 

Assured Security

And, to make sure that you don’t end up having sleepless nights worrying about the data security we make it a point to comply with the latest security guidelines. Whether it is FISMA, PCI-DSS or HIPAA, our services are in accordance with all these security guidelines.

Complete Support

Our adept team of support professionals is always there to help you. No matter where you are and what the problem is, you can get in touch with our support professionals to get a satisfactory resolution whenever you are stuck in trouble. And, that’s the reason why we are one of the most loved names in the business!

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our plans and select the one that fits within your business needs. And, be sure to kick start a revolution in your business process that will take it to the next level!

Want to explore more then give us a call at 1-844-880-4230! And one of our experts will explain everything in detail.

Carlos N

I was looking for a small solution for my IT consultation office and was looking around for a while for a company that would encompass a full solution with Voip phones on a reliable Data/Cloud. I had a T1 before and it would have horrible service even with QOS. I spoke to the staff the pricing was insanely competitive. Decided to give them a try. I was very happy with the staff there. Steve was friendly and gave me a lot of detail on the service. I have crystal clear sound and a lot of features I could use in the future. I love the service and the staff. I will definitely continue growing with this company. Thank you Ezconnect.

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