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Redundant network connections at the backbone with 10 Gigabit bandwidth enables rapid and stable data & SIP transmission


See how secure and reliable cloud communications from EZ Connect are helping savvy companies around the world compete and flourish.

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We usually save businesses about 50% off their phone bill and up to 90% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.

Cloud Based VOIP Systems

The limited features of your business’ traditional PBX communication system may be responsible for several bridges between you and your customers. With the growing cloud technology, virtual phone systems are breaking the communication barriers and do eliminate equipment costs while providing higher definition voice calling services. Surpassing the limitations of traditional phone systems, VoIP service plans have become a new way for small or large size business to maximize employee productivity without the need for an additional hardware device or complex cabling system. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) relies upon internet and cloud technology for virtual phone system services.

VoIP systems can be combined with existing communication systems or networks, for instance, hard line telephones and smartphones.

Benefits of Best VOIP Phone Service

The unnecessary maintenance costs involved in the phone branch exchange (PBX) can be avoided by accessing best VOIP phone services. We at EZ Connect are business VOIP phone service providers that help enterprises enjoy endless voice calls over the internet in a cost-effective manner. We aim to equip businesses with cheaper modes of communication that are based on existing internet and corporate intranet infrastructure. We are dedicated to improving the communication experience for you while abolishing the costs of the traditional landline and cellular calling.

All you need to access the calling services by using servers and applications hosted at our end and thereby you can fulfill all your communication needs. You can strengthen business relations with your customers, intra- and inter-branch communication and inter-department memos, and can seamlessly enjoy call forwarding and tracking services within the scope of your business operations using our cloud based VoIP systems services.

How Can You Set up Cloud Based VoIP Phone System?

Using certain VoIP services and applications such as Skype, Vonage, Gtalk etc, unlimited voice calls can be made on the internet. The VoIP services can be made on computer, tablet and phone. This works only with a subscription with a cost much lower than that of the traditional calling systems. The cost of the cloud based VoIP phone system depends upon the VoIP service plans you choose. At EZ Connect, we render affordable VOIP service plans for high-quality calling features.

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